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Jeepers! Our jeans are on-trend and fashionable to no end. Boyfriend fits are the new ‘it’, while traditional straight and skinnies are still sartorial staples. Distressed denim has torn into the limelight, poking holes in the notion that outerwear has to cover everywhere this winter. And let’s not neglect the trusty trouser, attesting to tantalising workplace fashion. All this and more is available at shockingly cheap wholesale prices, fulfilled by one of the UK’s most lauded distributors of ladies fashion. 


  1. Wholesale Womens Embroidered Denim Hem Jeans ( Pack of 10 ) Unit Ptice : $9.75
    Pack Price: $97.50  (Exc. Vat)
    Product Code: HS3599
    Pack Quantity: 10

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