Your Labels & Logo

Before you proceed for custom labelling and logo, Here’s what you need to know to get your own customised clothing. Before going forward to below steps please create an account with us and then proceed with your query after reading below requirements :

Looking for a label and logo service which can complete you custom labelling quickly, affordably ?

What is Custom Labelling?

If you're going to start a business selling your custom items (or if you just want to make your styles look fancy), it makes sense to have labels, right? Right!  Here's a information on making your own labels from J5Fashion.

How it Works :

Once you have selected styles you wants to order, you can contact us for Custom Labelling and logo then we’ll discuss how to make the luxury, custom branding a reality for your store!

For all custom labeling and custom logo queries please contact us through email : We will not be able to advice through call, WhatsApp & Live Chat.

A Customers need to provide us with their own labels, we will not be able to print / design labels for you.

B All styles coming in size ratio packs and colour packs will be sold as shown on our website.

C Advance payment is necessary to process your order.

D We cannot refund your order once it has been processed.

E We will provide a separate invoice for custom labelling/logo orders and on accept of clear payment only we shall process your order

F Please enquire before placing order of custom labelling as it could be done for some particular styles only and it might not be possible to change labels for all styles available with us.

G Orders placed using Custom Labels/ logo are non-refundable.

H You have to meet minimum order requirement in order for us to accept your custom label request which will be explained through email only.

I  We could change collar labels and put your brand swing tickets. Prices for same is £1.50 per unit.

J. For embroided logo basic cost is minimum £250-£300 which varies per logo, you have to pay that money upfront. Our suggestion is to place custom order which will save the basic cost for logo, all you need is to place custom order for minimum 150pcs which will be manufactured in 8-12 weeks.

Manufacturing with custom labels (Using own Styles / Specific Sizes):

You could choose any style from our website for custom labelling. In this case we do not need sample however kindly provide a sample for production if you are choosing your own style (which is not on our website)

A. We need a sample before quoting price or delivery turnaround time.

B. In case of a style in ratio packs (Ex. S, M , L XL); minimum order quantity is 20 units each size with minimum qty 100 units per style; which could be in different colours.

C. If style comes in One Size (UK 8-12) then minimum order quantity is 20 of each colour with minimum 100 units per style.

D. Manufaturing cost/turnaround time is not included which will be quoted separately upon receiving sample.

E. We will not responsible for copyright matters, you will be resposible for checking copyright marks for any existing brands in market.