Frequently Asked Questions

1. what should I do if I encounter a checkout error?

Items left in basket can go out of stock. If checkout error occurs, remove out-of-stock items before proceeding. 

2. How often do you get new stock?

We upload new products near-enough every single day. Don’t miss out on some great clothing – check us at Shop New In.

3. Which shipping company do you use?

We use a variety of shipping companies. If you are a UK customer we’ll most likely deliver your order through DPD.

4. Do you ship to my country?

Most likely! We ship internationally, from the US to Australia. For more info please visit us at Delivery Guide.

5. How much do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery prices are dependent on order size, location and delivery speed. Please take a look at Delivery Guide.

6. Can I order individual items?

Our orders come in packs and cannot be broken down further than is stated. Please see our Product Descriptions on individual products for information about pack contents.

7. Can I mix colours in packs?

Our packs come in mix colours only when stated. You cannot mix colours in the packs where you select a specific colour upon ordering.

Some packs come with mixed colours by default, which cannot be changed to packs of one specific colour.

8. Do you show images of every single colour in mix packs on your site?

Sometimes we can’t show all the colours in a particular pack.

The colours displayed in the product pictures are all included in the pack, as well as any additional colours listed under the product description.

See the Colours section under Product Details in the product description for the complete list of colours.

9. Can I use your pictures on my website?

Sure! Feel free to use our model photos for your product pages on your website.

Please note: we can’t provide proof of our consent for this, and we won’t involve ourselves in disputes involving other websites clashing using the same pictures.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit / debit cards as well as bank transfers and payments over PayPal.

11. What currency can I use for payment?

We accept All Currencies worldwide.

12. Can I collect my order?

Sure! You place your order and swing by our warehouse to pick your items up! Visit us at Click n Collect for more information.

13. How do I use discount codes?

Simply enter the code when prompted at checkout! Codes are not valid when used on already discounted items (such as those in the Sale category) unless specified & codes cannot be reused. Only one discount code can be used at a time, you cannot combine with any other offer.

14. Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT is always added to orders from the UK.

VAT no is not a mandatory requirement, customers can still checkout without entering VAT no.

Citizens from the EU will need to provide a valid VAT number to be eligible for exemptions.

Citizens outside of the EU and UK will not be required to provide a VAT number for VAT exemption, however they may be liable for import charges. 

For more info follow this link Vat & Duty.

15. My order won’t go through; what should I do?

In the unlikely case that your order cannot be submitted, contact our support team who will quickly resolve the issue, or assist you with an alternate method in purchasing said order.

16. Can I change the labels on my clothing?

You can, under some important conditions. For more info Visit us at Custom Labelling.

17. Where is my order?

On All UK orders we do Next Day Delivery, providing you order before the cut-off time.

The cut-off time is at 12pm. Orders made after this time cannot be guaranteed for next day delivery.

You should get a notification from the courier the following morning we dispatch your order that your package is en route with a link to track.

For more specific information please visit us at Delivery Guide.

18. How do I return an item?

Incase you are not satisfied with your purchase and wants to initiate return due to any reason, please follow to complete the request, you will asked to provide reason due to which you wants to return items ordered from website.

Note : We will not be able to process refund for orders which bypass our return procedure and failure to do so will result in delay which can be few days to weeks.

19. How long until I get a refund on returned items?

Please allow 7 working days (from the day we received our items) for us to process your returned items and get your money back to you.

Some payment methods may necessitate a further 48 hours of processing before you’ll see your refund in your account.

20. Why is the website not showing?

You might have an outdated browser or operating system – update where applicable to see our site. Old versions of Internet Explorer are particularly temperamental.

Rarely, we may experience technical difficulties with our servers. These issues are usually resolved within a few minutes, so a quick refresh will solve your issue!

Be sure to perform a cache refresh (ctrl + f5) if a normal refresh isn’t working.

21. Do you have a social media presence?

Yes! We’re on pretty much everything, from Facebook to Twitter. Check out the social media links at the bottom of this page for a complete selection of our social media pages.

22. Do I need an appointment to visit your store?

Nope! Drop by during our opening times (9am – 6pm Mon – Fri) to peruse of our extensive stock and a chat to our sales team – we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

23. Do you offer Drop Shipping?

Sorry We dont.

24. Why my discount code is not working on sales item ?

All Discount codes works on Full price items only unless specified.

25. Does FREE shipping applies to countries outside UK ?

Sorry FREE shipping code applies to UK only.

26. Why my order got declined ?

Once your order got declined please check your billing address which has to be same as on your debit/credit card statement. If you are entering the right address please contact your bank or building society to check the security settings on your account. For detail information please click here.

27. Can i order a Sample ?

Yes you can order Sample from us, for more information please visit Sample & Pre-Order

28. Will I be charged the Custom and Import fees? 

There are a few things we need you to know –

  • The price of our items doesn’t include customs and import duties which you will find can often vary from country to country. Any customs charges are applied at the discretion of the carrier and local laws.
  • You may be required to pay these duties before our courier is able to deliver your order. If you refuse to accept delivery of the items you have purchased, the courier may return the items to us.
  • Should this happen, J5Fashion may be required to pay additional charges to the courier in respect of the cost of the return, including customs and import duties that were payable by you.
  • We will look to recover these costs from you by deducting the relevant amount from any refund owed to you.
  • For more accurate information, we’d suggest getting in touch with your local customs office so you’re not surprised if there are any unexpected delivery charges at your end.
29. What is store credit ?
A store credit is a credit offered by a store to a customer who returns an item not eligible for a refund. It can be used to buy other goods at the store. J5Fashion is offering this option to save restocking fee for customers which otherwise is 35% of total order value. For detailed info about store credit click here.

30. Can I cancel my order? 

J5Fashion does not accept any cancellation requests on order(s) been fully processed for packaging. We recommend checking the status of your order before logging the request in.
Our sole reason is to eliminate any contingent interruptions in the packaging process, so the effective measures float to achieve our aim of prompt delivery(s).

31. What is the minimum order requirement on your website?

There is no minimum order requirement on our website. However, we sell our products in packs, and the minimum quantity you need to purchase is one pack. The specific value of the pack doesn't matter; you can buy a single pack regardless of its price.

Please note: The order(s) may still be subject to delay(s) due to another valid reason(s).

In case of any exception(s), please reach out to the assigned team only.