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Wholesale Clothing You Can Depend On

J5 Fashion is at the forefront of wholesale clothing in the UK. Our range specializes in affordable clothes at premium quality, making us one of the leading suppliers on the web. We’ve been committed to supplying the hottest trends at the most competitive prices for over a decade, ensuring our newest products are reactive to and reflective of the complex vagaries of fast-fashion in 2018. With everything from dresses and tops, accessories and footwear – no matter the shape, size, gender or trend – J5 Fashion sells it all, with assiduous care with our outrageously affordable prices.

With a teeming collection of men's and women's clothing, we cater to a multitude of niches and specialities, with an in-depth knowledge and intuition to predict the emergent trends that will sell in any given season. Our hugely popular men's wholesale tracksuits cater to urban appeal, with cutting-edge designs ahead of the curve. Our Christmas collection and Halloween sets reflect our dedication to seasonal sales, with a huge collection of jumpers and costumes. Take a peak at our wholesale plus size collection for fast, fierce fashion for curvier girls.