Selling in January

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Just because the mercury’s dipping doesn’t mean your sales have to. January is a time when spare change is a little short and high-street interest is running low, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for selling.

Incentives are the name of the game; patrons will jump at the chance for reductions if it means going easy on their newly crippled wallet.

Special offers that are well-marketed can result in a groundswell of customer footfall, so make sure you draft the right banner, target the right customers and pen that perfect offer!

2018: Faster, Fiercer Wholesale Fashion

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Happy New Year guys! We hope you had a fantastic end to your year, with celebrations, jubilations and a satisfactory end to 2017.

We’re taking stock of what worked for us, and what’s working in the industry at the moment, and extending that into 2018.

That’s why we’re doubling down on faster, fiercer and more stylish fashion!


We hope to see more of you around here in the future – dont be afraid to dive in our extensive collection of wholesale fashion and pick out something you love!

New Season; New Stock

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It’s a whole new season; a whole new meteorological calendar that necessitates a whole new wardrobe – and you’re just the company to provide it! You don’t want just any old stock, though. You want the trendiest, highest value clothing your budget can buy. That’s why we’re stepping it up a gear this winter. Check out our extensive collection for the best in Autumnal out-there outerwear. Check out the pics below for a sneak peek!

Wholesale Halloween Stock for Your Shop!

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Halloween is a marquee event in any retailers calendar; a time where last-minute, impulse costume buys can turn around any monthly profits.

Make sure, as always, to top up the stock so that you can meet the demands of the last minute Halloween rush, ensuring you don’t end up out of pocket.

And most importantly, ensure your stock is attractive and affordable – but don’t fret too much about that, we’ve got you covered right here!

Wholesale Halloween Pumpkin Swing Dress

Get ’em while you can, they’re going out of stock fast!

Wholesale Womens Jeans Mean Winter Success

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As the mercury steadily falls, women across the country are opting for denim over dresses more and more. Our supply of wholesale womens jeans will make sure you can be the one-stop shop for jean-hungry buyers, with a huge collection of varied styles. From distressed to skinny and bright blue to winter black – we’re sure to have what you need when you need it.

Skinny & Dark Wholesale Womens Jeans

Wholesale Womens Dark Denim

Distressed at the cuff and easy to love, these dark denim skinnies are smart, classy and sexy. They have curve-hugging fit and pair extremely well with classy heels (as pictured) for that premium look.  Don’t forget to buy with a knitwear winter warmer for your display to really entice the customers looking for a snuggly outfit.

Embroidered Wholesale Womens Jeans

People are going crazy for embroidery right now, with floral emblazoned denim seemingly taking over the world. Resplendent detailing and high-quality materials mean you’ll be the first pick for your customers again and again.


How will Brexit affect the Fashion Industry?

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“I think ultimately Brexit is affecting everybody, in one way or another,” lamented Topshop’s creative director Kate Phelan after the UK’s clinch decision to exit the European Union.

This sentiment is the bottom line, of course – but the question remains: to what extent? When, and how?

Borders are tightening, currencies are dipping, but the world spins on. We’re prepping our Christmas jumpers and gearing up for the winter rush, despite the looming uncertainty of our brisk departure.

Some questions will remain unanswered until a consensus is formed – across Parliament party lines and then across nations and borders – but the economic rumblings of the past months are the tea leaves that suggest the consequences of Brexit. Through these, we can predict some of the real-term effects that we’re at risk of facing.

Weaker Value Pound for Pound

One of the biggest factors driving Brexit anxiety is the dropping value of Sterling. A weaker value of the pound can lead to decreased consumer confidence, and in turn, a depreciation of profits for your business.

With every problem comes a silver lining, though. A weak Pound against a strong Euro could mean European buyers enjoy greater spending power at your store, driving up traffic and sales.

So long as trade to the continent remains relatively painless, of course…

Strict Trade Regulations

The UK’s exit from the Union naturally means that the benefits we enjoy from the customs union are entrenched in uncertainty.

Pending the notorious deals to be struck in the vestibules and conference rooms of the European Parliament, exports to Europe might be in for a rough time. Tariffs, tax and export costs threaten to diminish the value of cross-continent trade.

That silver lining’s still lingering around though –  this time in the form of increased domestic interest. If imports become expensive and trade decreases from Europe, there’d be an uptick in domestic buyers.

Cheap Xmas Jumpers at Wholesale

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Christmas is quickly coming up, and there’s no better way to bring in the festive cheer than a truckload of cheap xmas jumpers that’ll fly from the shelves quicker than Dasher.

What makes a great, cheap Christmas jumper?

The best Christmas jumpers to sling are those that don’t take themselves too seriously. Take this Christmas cracker for example – Santa and sweeping pop culture reference? Yes please!

Materials for these items are inexpensive, as is manufacturing, but we’ll be dammed if the final effect isn’t priceless!

We’re Ready for a Wholesale Christmas – Are You?

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We know, we’ve barely even set down our sunnys before jumping at the word ‘Christmas’, but what can we say – it pays to be prepared!



That’s why we’re already revving up for a huge Christmas wholesale blow-out here at J5. Santa has dropped off a plethora of cute Crimbo jumpers, so we’re making a stock list and checking it twice!


We’ve even started to fill our showfloor with Christmas goodies – so why not come down and check it out for yourself?!




Wholesale UK stock buying explained

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Wholesale UK shopping can be a daunting task. The world of packs, cash and carry and drop shipping throws up as many new phrases as it does anxiety spikes, with an intimidating industry to decipher and navigate awaiting you.

Jeans jitters, women’s top night terrors and winter coat consternation are all part of the process – but don’t worry, we’re here to clear some of the scarier aspects of wholesale for you right here, right now.

Packs of Items

In UK wholesale, items are always sold in bulk – what we call packs. Most wholesalers present the cost of the item on a per-item bases, but when it comes to checkout, what you pay for is all the items in the pack.

Prices are presented this way to easily identify the value and cost of the item, making it easier to estimate profits for your store based on the product itselt.

For real bulk buying, customers will usually be presented with the option of buying whole boxes, which means multiple packs. This, of course, is subject to stock.

What’s UK Cash and Carry?

Cash and carry is a type of operation that doesn’t typically have an online shop system, and instead requires retailers to visit the warehouse and settle invoices with cash.

These types of operations don’t typically allow credit transactions – meaning any bank cards are out of the question. They can be an intimate, intimidating setting to purchase clothing (although they are great if you have a regular supplier.)

The best companies tend to offer an online portal as well as the oppurtunity to purchase items in store – *ahem – a bit like us*. This can foster healthy relationships as well as conveniently accomidating new buyers.




Wholesale Clothing: Do’s and Don’ts When Buying New Stock

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Wholesale clothing can be a tricky realm to navigate. Options are amazing, but can easily overwhelm. That’s why we’ve got some top tips for anyone trying to break into the intimidating world of cash & carry, drop shipping and all those other scary phrases!

Pick Your Wholesale Clothing Wisely!

Wholesale Clothing in the UK

Picking the right items is critical for any newbie in the wholesale game. With what is potentially a limited budget for any new store, choosing the right style to fit with your brand message and customer base is critical.

Whether your selling men’s, women’s, vintage or an entirely bespoke range made for Columbian firefighters with big torsos – there’s a specialist wholesaler for everything. Your best bet, of course, is to find a cheap wholesale clothing store that caters for a broad range so that the stock you buy can keep up with the vagaries of your desires (and is also really good at plugs!).

Don’t comprimise on quality

High Quality Wholesale Clothes

When entering business with a new wholesaler, it might be the pertinent move to start off with a moderate order – test the waters. You need to make sure the quality is good, the clothes are delivered as described on the site, and the look and feel of the items match your expectations.

You don’t want to be stuck with a gargantuan order of wholesale clothes you don’t feel comfortable touching, nevermind selling – always dip you toe into the proverbial waters, lest you bellyflop into trecherous seas.