Introducing: AARHON – Premium Clothing for Men

We’ve got an exciting new clothing line at J5 Fashion! In our continued committal to provide unbeatably stylish, affordable clothing for your store, we are debuting a new line of premium mens clothing.

Aarhon specialise in sharp and stylish clothing first and foremost – expect to see clean lines and contemporaneous cuts that embody masculinity and style. From jeans to tops, the line is aiming to kick-start the whole wardrobe with an eclectic, broad and extensive range.

Keep an eye out for Aarhon in our Menswear category on the site and don’t be a stranger to our Manchester warehouse so you can take a peek yourself!

Brand Power: How Netting Some Recognisable Names can Boost Business.

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Brand power. It’s undeniable. The recognisable swoosh of Nike or the immutable stripes of Adidas: powerful titans of visual language and a testament to consumer’s affiliation for the familiar.

A familiar swoosh is as imperative as a familiar, friendly face – the customer knows they are in familiar territory; they know what to expect and what they’re in for. It lends credence to your brand, your friendly face.

Making the Case for Out-of-Season Stock

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It’s massively important, if not fatally critical, for a store to keep on top of the seasons and latest trends. Last year’s trends are this year’s problems, as your business will suffer as your customers will look to recreate their favourite celebrity looks elsewhere.

There is a case to be made, however, for out-of-season stock. Selling big parkas in the summer at discount or throwing bikini’s in the sale at winter can be a clever ploy at thrifty shoppers, looking to perpetually purchase in a state of discount as they lag 2 seasons behind for all their clothing buys.

Moreover, options are never ill-advised – some customers might be heading on holidays to different climates for instance.

Like most things in business, it’s about balance (not the financial kind, the normal kind). Obviously you want to maximise shelf space for the shiny new stuff, but leaving a little room for your faithful jackets that have served you well through the winter might not be such a bad move!

Tips in Design for Summertime Marketing

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Use Bright Colors

Hideously obvious yet invaluably headed, the use of bright, popping colours is a summertime staple in marketing. Everything is simply more saturated and bright in the sun, and communicating this through your marketing bridges the gap between customer association and action.

On-Site Shoots

Be it the beach or the boulevard, summertime shoots are perfect for evoking those sunny vibes and demonstrating your product out on a field test so your customers know just how good it looks in the sun.

Summer Collection

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We’re an eager lot at J5 Fashion, and the miayota of sun the gracious British clouds have seen fit to allow us has got us high on the idea of summer! (Must be that Vitamin D).

We’ve collated some of our brightest, most brilliant summer-evoking pieces for your convenience; here’s an inside look at some of our hottest hits!


Prepping for Summer: Retail Fashion in the Sun

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It’s time to start stocking up on those sun-soaking sartorial goodies in preparation for the lovely weather! (What? We’re optimistic.)

Get stocking those bardots, crop tops, florals and minis in preparation for the sunshine-shoppers hungry for the latest bright and breezy summer trends.

Our New In range has begun rolling out all your summer-garb needs – so grab ’em while they’re hot and be ready to rock to sell-out your stock for summer!

Sartorial Drop: New In for April 2017

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Eyelet Detailing Bodycon

Price: £12 / Unit

This is one to snap up quick! The body conforming fit makes this looker a wanted already, but adding to that the eyelet and studded tasteful detailing? You can’t deny a little bling elevates this piece to the next level.






Floral Embellished Crop Top

Price: 13.50 / Unit

We love this sequin top, invoking Mediterranean style aesthetic with a modern cut for a culturally charged garb.

Site News: Check out our New Pre-Order Functions on the Site!

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Snappy Fashion and Snappier Service: Our New Preordering Scheme

J5 Fashion is launching further refinements to our already illustrious service. Starting from right now, you can pre-order stock before it even gets a postage stamp on it for delivery to our warehouse.

Pre-ordering comes with some serious advantages – you’re far more likely to secure your order before it runs out of stock, for one, and you get the latest trends and finest new garments in record time!

Check out our pre-order page for more info!

Check out our growing shoe range!

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We’ve added a fair few products to our shoe category of late, brushing up our footwear game to deliver our promise to provide everything you need for your store.

Don’t hesitate in heading over to our footwear page for a peek at the sneakers that’ll steal your hearts!

Company Culpability: Why ‘the customer is always right’ still holds true

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Some might say there is an increasing entitlement in this world. That people want things now, not later; new, not old and flawless, not flawed.

So what do you do as a retailer if this reality holds true?

You raise standards. You meet expectations. You deliver now; you make sure it’s new; you make sure it’s flawless.

If you don’t, someone else will. In the age of Amazon, you better make sure your customer experience is a product-perfect, snappy-delivering never-ending satisfaction machine, or the only deliveries you’ll be making is your ass to a boot.

Remember: everything you do is for the customer – to make their experience as convenient and effortless as can be to stay competitive.

That is the only way to win their patronage.