Wholesale World Cup T-Shirts: The Biggest Teams Right Here at J5 Fashion!

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We’re gearing up for World Cup fever here at J5, and the football bug has had us stocking up on the biggest teams’ tees.

From iconic Argentinian stripes to Brazillian yellows and English lions, we’re making sure you can deck out your store with high-quality football shirts to capitalize on that inevitable World Cup buzz.


Product Spotlight: Summery Tropical Print Co-Ord Set

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We’ve got something a little special this week; our gorgeous two piece summery set that screams sunshine and happiness!

With a fancy, flowing loose fit and incredible tropical print, you can’t go wrong with this stunning outfit.

Check Out Our Expanding Plus Size Range!

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We’re making the most of our plus size collection this year; fitting our site with new categories for a better user experience and focusing on stocking up on the best looking, best quality wholesale plus size clothing. Check out a sample of some of our favourites below! For the rest, head to our site and check out the plus size category and subcategories.

Note: Model shown is wearing the none-plus-size variant of the clothing.


SS18 Trends to Pay Attention To

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SS18 trends are looking fantastic this season. The 80s are trending hard in film, TV, fashion and even politics, and we’re expecting the darling throwback trend to ramp up for the summer months.

Bold Block Colours

Block colours are big RN.  Simple, attention-grabbing and gorgeous, bold colours make a big impression without over-complicating your stock. Keep the colours to one stand out item per outfit to really maximize the bold effect!

Brands and Logo Prints

80s kicked off the long relationship between brands and fashion, and it’s been a love affair ever since. Recognisable branding is a huge boon for your clothing store, so it’s always a fantastic idea to include some in your stock.

How to Start a Business Online for Clothing

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Have you ever wondered how to start an online business for clothing? Starting a sartorial store is more accessible now than it ever was. The ability to easily sell clothes online means that entire empires can be built and orchestrated with little more than some spare cash, a good domain name, and a little bit of know-how.

If you’ve ever had ambitions to kick-start your own clothing company, here is a helpful how-to of what to do to get the ball rolling!

Picking the Right Name for your Online Clothing Business

A huge proportion of your boutique’s potential for success can begin and end with a name. The name can inform search engine rankings, communicate your brand and much more.

Websites that sell clothes often apply focus to gender and demographics: the name Pretty Little Thing, for instance, communicates the casual and colloquial vibe of the company while ensuring the intended gender demographic is targeted. Similar naming conventions can be observed with Missguided, New Look, and Nasty Gal.

Something short, snappy and memorable is always the name of the naming game – you’ll be hard pressed finding a clothing store with more than 3 words as its moniker!

Choosing a Name for your Online Business

SEO is also a huge consideration when choosing your name. Company and URL names with relevant keywords to what you are selling can give you a real advantage over the competition when it comes to ranking on Google.

It’s Can be Better to Start a Specialised Clothing Business

While attempting to sell as many different types of products seems like a good idea on paper, the reality is much more grounded. Stretching yourself too thin can be difficult, and it may seem like you end up spinning plates. When you really focus on and get to know a certain sector of fashion, you can make your stock the most comprehensive, the most competitive, and the downright hottest collection there is.

Perhaps even more powerfully, specializing is ludicrously beneficial for SEO. Keeping the scope of keywords narrow and focused on your website pages mean that Google will favour your products when it comes to search engine results.

Starting your own online boutique, for instance, will go more smoothly for branding and SEO if your boutique products are aimed at one gender, one age range, and a certain style.

Picking the Right Supplier

Picking the right supplier is crucial to your profit margins, your product consistency and your network within the fashion industry.

Clothing Wholesalers such your very own J5 Fashion are sure bet for affordable quality and on-trend clothing, dealing with a range of styles so that you can always specialize how you like. If you’re after something a little more esoteric, e.g. such as vintage fashion or Halloween costumes, there will always be a supplier to fill your niche.


You should always make sure to get to know your suppliers, too – building relations and networking is a huge aspect of clothing business, so get to know your supplier and you might meet more people through them.

How to Build A Website

An attractive, cohesive and intuitive website is imperative for your online clothing business. If the means of which the customer can procure clothes from you is ugly or obtuse, you’ll hurt sales and, consequently, your bottom line.

A good web developer, therefore, is a crucial element to your business. ‘A good web developer’ can take on two meanings in the modern age of eCommerce, too – because you now have access to pre-built templates from the likes of WordPress  that make it easy to build a smooth and attractive website.

Of course, there is no substitute for the control and customization that a classic web developer can offer – if you have the means, an in-house developer is really the best of all worlds.

Best Summer Clothes to Sell for SS18

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Now that the cold snap to end all cold snaps has subsided, we’re looking forward to sunnier times. We’re getting ready to discard the bubble coats and body warmers in exchange for some light, liberating summer staples.

Our summer collection is gathering steam, so we’ve picked out some of our favorites for you to get the jump on for summer. Check out the store up top to get your hands on some of these delightful wholesale dresses!

wholesale summer dress
wholesale stiped dress
wholesale asymmetrical dress

Manchester Snowy Weather: Clothing for the Beast from the East.

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The beast from the east, for all of everyone’s derision, actually ended up being pretty formidable. Snowstorms, canceled trains, and frozen feet are the forecast for the next couple weeks; not to worry though, we’ve got the clothing to keep those mits and tips toasty. Check out our collection of winterwear!

Accessory Wholesale: Stocking up for 2018

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Wholesale Accessories

If you haven’t invested in accessories, you’re store isn’t complete! Our wholesale accessories are top-shelf, bottom-dollar perfection. We’ve got everything from hats and footwear to belts and a brill bralet to boot. Check it out!


J5 Man: Check out our new social media presence!

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We recently launched a men’s centric social media presence with the aims of notifying our customers of the hottest new products available in our menswear lines. Check us out at @j5manwholesale on Instagram and Facebook for the latest and greatest is stylish men’s clothing!